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Judicial Auctions

Legal direction in judicial auctions when the future winner is the one who is interested in a specific real estate.

Legal direction in judicial auctions whose purpose is:
- Acquisition of property to be used for habitual housing (1).
- Acquisition of property to be leased (2).
- Acquisition of property to be used for sale (3).

Details to be considered:

1. Age and equity of the judicial auction´s winner to pay the least amount of taxes possible. This is taking into account if the property is listed as a VPO, if its price and purchase requirements by the buyer are limited. Possibility to disqualify asVPO.

2. Investing and obtaining a profitability of more than 5% year-per-year is possible today in Spain. This is the way.

3. Another type of investment different from the previous one is the sale. Its tax burden is greater as time goes by since the acquisition of the property and, possibly, the most suitable time to sell is not the current one. The most recommended option is number 2.



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