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Who are we?

The growing real estate market in reference to urban leases and the significant increase in the municipal, autonomous and state tax burden, bureaucratic control and growth of the historic centerre, as well as the considerable increase in tourist demand, have pushed owners to boost the real estate heritage to its credit. This has led to a situation of insecurity due to the high investment involved in maintaining, renewing and invigorating the family business or founding patrimony composed of a large number of properties, those that deteriorate over time, whose community expenses have to meet new bureaucratic requirements regarding and safety. All this is without taking into account insurance costs, extras for spills resulting from repairs or renovation of lifts, meters and all kinds of materials commonly used and necessary for the proper functioning of an immunity or of a set of them constituted in Community of Owners and governed by Law 49/1960, of July 21, Horizontal Property.

All this has influenced the growth of concern as to how many owners of real estate have been affected, in the same way that the demand for leases has also risen and therefore has influenced a considerable growth in rents, forming "a clear and beneficial highway for those that look to maintain a real estate patrimony with the minimum possible preoccupations and under a sustainable and continuous benefit which they are forced to walk”. For all this, Pagrean turns upside down and keeps an eye on how many updates in the Law occur, deals with the tenants and supervises the forecasted success as well as watching over accounting management to gain greater efficiency in management overall and reporting it to our clients for their supervision and control.


Based on the dedication and constant concern that is explained above, Pagrean directs its work to direct and face-to-face management, contract processing, registration and exclusive and legal dedication of any administrative or judicial problems that happen or the properties generate under our management. Leases for housing use or for use other than housing such as tourist or holiday leases, governed by Law 29/1994, of November 24, Urban Leases, or Decrees 194/2010 or 28/2016 concerning the apartments and houses for tourist use. This is in order to know and value the real estate, direct them towards their maximum profitability and become more favorable in terms of the type of lease to which they should be directed.


Pagrean assumes different tasks that are not exclusively focused on real estate management, and it is necessary to practice civil and commercial law to keep our experience and knowledge updated. We deal with a diversity of legal issues in the aforementioned matters in order to offer our clients a broad and competent service. We offer an exclusive service to our clients to create the confidence and tranquility necessary in the supervision and performance of their properties.


Property management and advocacy are our two main areas and are both directed and focused on the real estate market, its administrative repercussions and above all the constant work to achieve an optimal profitability at the service of our constituents.


If you have any questions or want to inquire and request an appointment, do not hesitate to contact us without any commitment or cost.


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