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We practice law and advise on the matters below:

  • - Testaments (Inheritance Tax).
  • - Claims of Tax to Increase the Value of Urban Land (capitail gain) regardless or whether there are benefits or losses.
  • - Claims of Quantity.
  • - Contracts of all kind, including offering and the realization of them.
  • - Bank Loans (mortgages, defaults, evictions and abusive clauses (very common in Spain, which after being claimed judicially could be canceled and the amount disbursed returned as a cause mentioned above)).
  • - Advice in Domain Files, Renewal of the Successive Tract, Usurpation.
    (when theactual proprietor doesn´t appear in the Spanish Land Registry and in its right position there is the name of another person who doesn´t have any relation with the property).
  • - Rustic Lands, correction and claims to the hiring owners.
  • - Drink Driving.


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