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PaGrean is a multidisciplinary firm focused on civil and commercial law it is prepared and focused on solving as many legal issues arise from the real estate market. We exercise the legal profession as solicitor and barrister of how much our clients need, as well as applying ourselves thoroughly to avoid any judicial procedure in favor of a beneficial conciliation as far as possible.

In addition, we preeminently direct our activity to the patrimonial management of properties of an urban and rustic nature of whose sole purpose is a lucrative and progessive economic performance of our clients. The stipend we receive for our work is based on the benefit we generate to our constituents. If we do not generate benefits for them, paralyze an emerging damage as quickly as possible or perform the task entrusted with correct completion, our work loses the sense of “the real work done good” and as such we understand our unearned fees.

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Main Work Areas

Pagrean is a multidisciplinary firm focused on civil and commercial law

Property-Estate Management

We manage real estate of all kinds so that our clients obtain a real, periodic and growing profitability.

Legal Department

We practice law and advise on many matters: inheritance taxes, wills, quantity claims, contracts, evictions, ...

Judicial Auctions

Legal direction in judicial auctions when the future winner is the one who is interested in a specific real estate.

Foreign trade

We are experts in Foreign Trade, being able to advise you on issues related to customs, logistics, incoterms, means of collection, credit insurance, ...

Real estate management and advocacy are our two main areas and both targeted and focused on the real estate market .

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